Lego WW1 Plane Battle – Dogfight stopmotion

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WW1 was the first major conflict in which planes played a significant
role. At the beginning of the war, planes were used primarily for
reconnaissance, however, as the ww1 progressed and as technology
advanced, planes were being used for bombing as well as aerial
Dogfights, close combat between enemy planes, became common as
having control of the sky became important to winning battles on the
ground. the planes were constructed with wood and canvas which
bullets tore through with ease, this along with the lack of safety devices
such as parachutes, lead to ww1 pilots having a life expectancy of only
a few weeks. Regardless, by the end of the war, the airmen had
developed numerous ways to outsmart and outmaneuver the enemy,
many of which are still used to this day.

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