Aircraft in combat with the enemy. World War 1 aerial dogfight. HD Stock Footage

CriticalPast is an archive of historic footage. The vintage footage in this video has been uploaded for research purposes, and is presented in unedited form. Some viewers may find some scenes or audio in this archival material to be unsettling or distressing. CriticalPast makes this media available for researchers and documentarians, and does not endorse or condone any behavior or message, implied or explicit, that is seen or heard in this video.
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Aircraft in combat with the enemy. World War 1 aerial dogfight.

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Flight of four aircraft in flight over clouds are attacked by enemy airplane unseen until right after it fires on and hits one of the four. The stricken aircraft emits smoke while flying through the clouds and then spirals down burning. Closeup of Spad biplane with machine guns mounted and pilot wearing goggles visible clearly in cockpit. Airplane trailing smoke after being hit by gunfire from another one behind it. View from rear seat of two-seater airplane, as pilot fires at burning airplane ahead of him. Pursuing aircraft continues to fire on burning craft as it spirals down through the clouds. German airplane struck by gunfire burns as it falls. German airplane burning in level flight and then begins to spiral down through clouds. Two aircraft in dogfight. One is hit and burns, falling in a tight spiral. Backseat view from airplane shooting at burning airplane in front of it. Location: European theater. Date: 1917.

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