Egyptian MiG-21 and an Israeli Mirage in a dogfight on October 20, 1973

Studying the anatomy of both planes and the fighting power gives the advantage to a Mirage jet fighter to win such a dogfight. The shocking surprise is that the Israeli Mirage totally failed to down that MiG-21 and that “Crazy Egyptian Pilot” as described by the Israeli opponent fighter himself was able to perform a number different very difficult air combat maneuvers the most difficult of which was the split-S maneuver. The Split-S is a safe maneuver at 6500-10,000 feet and its very difficult to perform it even at 6000 feet. Performing a Split-S below a 6000 feet altitude is “committing suicide.” But that “Crazy Egyptian Pilot” performed it at 3000 feet and succeeded!!!! The Israeli pilot actually didn’t follow him because he was very sure that the MiG is going to crash but he witnessed that crazy pilot regaining his altitude back like a SAM rocket getting out from the middle of the dust.

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