Evolution of fighter planes – Part 2 – teenager fighters

Presentation and explanation the evolution and capabilities of the different fighter planes since the World War II.

Every other mentioned topics like the evolution of missiles, strike weapons, precision guided munitions will be explained in other videos.

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0:00 Foreword
0:14 Intro
0:26 Introduction
2:54 The early bird – F-14 Tomcat
9:15 Next generation engines
11:29 Next generation for the USAF – F-15 Eagle
15:00 The smaller brother – F-16 Fighting Falcon
19:00 Rising from the ashes – F/A-18 Hornet
21:27 Cockpit, avionics
27:38 Weapons, radars, self defense
34:00 Engine control, aerodynamics
36:16 The Soviet Union until the early ’80s
39:00 Contributors

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