Forgotten Few – A WW2 Dogfight Animation Spitfire vs ME-109

(Please Note: this animation is for 13 years and up only)

PLEASE NOTE! The song featured in this film ‘The Last Butterfly’ by Wodkah is copyrighted content. However in the original video/upload, it did state that the song is free to use as long as videos featuring the song are not monetized. For this reason, I will/have not been monetizing this video during its time on YouTube with respect to the original creators. Please support the official release of the song on YouTube via:

This was my final major film piece for my second year at University. As I have not uploaded much over the past few years, I have decided to show you all what I have been working on and how I am progressing into different animation fields.

Forgotten Few is my ‘FIRST’ non Lego related animated film. The Story follows a lone pilot who is delivering a Spitfire to a nearby airfield until they come under attack from a German Me109. The Spitfire Pilot does all that they can to evade the Axis Pilot who is adamant on taking them down.

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