Sher Dil (2019) | Third Dogfight Scene

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Many requested the Producer & Writer Sherdil “Nomaan khan” to bring Sherdil back as they missed watching it in cinemas. It will be again on the Screens of Pakistan on 20 December.
Sherdil is a direct outcome of an effort to break the stereotype plots dealing with depiction of friends & foes. The main focus of the Movie is to change the perspective of audience by the way we conceive anyone as our enemy. Sherdil, will make people realize that how enemies can be transformed in to good friends. How we can establish long lasting bonds with people by just changing set perspective in our mind. We can win the hearts of others through logic and good humor. Sherdil story depicts the passion of an individual who is in love with jets and their speed. The main element of the movie is situations with a tinge of humor that will make people laugh from beginning till the very end of the movie. The story will establish the fact that two ace pilots representing two enemies can be transformed into good friends when they meet on a neutral platform. This very fragile thought has been projected in a very remarkable manner and will surely fills the hearts of the audience with great respect and realization on the power of friendship and how through our positive attitudes we can make this world a better place to live. Another important aspect of Sherdil will be the realistic portrayal of the characters, incidents, emotions and sentiments. This aspect will cater another strong need of the audience as they would surely want to see jets, speed, action and thrill and would get fascinated by them. The story has a universal approach in it and it is going to appeal the masses across the globe specially the Arab speaking world as movie’s 30 Min is shot in Dubai. In Dubai we shot two songs in which we will depict the intimate bond establishing between the hero and heroine . The songs are choreographed in such a manner that the audience will feel the intimacy between the two. They will be looking stunning in their chic and extravagant dresses and will be dancing and rejoicing their togetherness. Moreover, we have tried to shoot at traditional locations of Dubai. There are many other meticulously choreographed scenes depicting the bond between different characters, their intellectual yet witty discussions, their passions and choices in life and their ability to embrace diversity. Sherdil was released in more than 35 countries on March 22, 2019. Movie has a universal approach and we would like to spread this message around the world, therefore, we have subtitled it in English. The success of any project depends on its competent team. To cover this aspect, NK Pictures have hired the services of an expert Director of Photography (DOP) who has worked on several Hollywood & Bollywood movies. Fast & Furious 7, Star Trek and Indian movie, Tez are few in the long list. Animation on a movie is huge charge which is a key reason for such a movie’s success. We have involved a VFX artist of international fame from Cape Town. Besides that, pride of Pakistan Mr Mukeem Khan, who has worked in many prestigious projects of Hollywood like George of the Jungle, Flubber, Final Fantasy and Armageddon is member of advisory council and monitored the project for its smooth and flawless execution. Movie Sher Dil is the unique scientific amalgamation of action, love, humor, thrill, family values and emotional bonding. The main aim of this movie is thorough entertainment of the audience where they must leave the hall having a pleasant feeling in their hearts and also with great realization of building lifelong relationships. In recent years we have seen lots of car chases and fist fight movies but think when was the last time we saw an Aerial Dogfight movie of modern jets. Top Gun – 31 years ago. Sherdil is going to re-live Top Gun, not in terms of story but in terms of action packed Jets Dogfight movie with a flavor of drama at land. It has already been pointed by Gulf News as Pakistan’s response to the Top Gun. #WatchOnVily #VidlyTV #VidlyMovies

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