Starfighter DOGFIGHT! – Simple Planes

So I seen this F 104 on the Simple Planes website and I wanted to use it to take out some other planes… Time to dogfight again? Sure, why not! F104 VS PIGPEN in a dogfight, its on!
Hope you guys enjoy the video!


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You have the tools you’ll need to bring any airplane to life. Snap parts together to build your airplane’s body. Place engines to add thrust. Design and attach wings and then strap yourself into the cockpit and see how it flies.

Over 100,000 airplanes are available to download for free from Find anything from old WW2 bombers to next generation fighters to sci-fi spacecrafts. You can upload your own airplanes and rise through the ranks from a bronze builder to a gold level builder.

Climb into the cockpit of one of your custom aircraft and see how it does in the challenges. The challenges will keep you entertained for hours. Land on aircraft carriers, escort bombers, dodge surface-to-air missiles, race through courses, and so much more.

Use all available parts to build airplanes with no restrictions. The sky is the limit. Literally.

Modding is fully supported so you can build your own parts and environments. Download our Unity package which includes specially designed tools to aid in designing and building mods which you can then share with your friends and the community. Track: Clarx – H.A.Y [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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