The First War in the Sky │WW1 Plane History

I used parts of the following videos to write some parts of my script:

TheGreatWar – Bloody April 1917:​

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Real Engineering – The Physics of World War 1 Planes:​

TheGreatWar – Aviation in World War 1:​

Sabaton History – The Red Baron:​


0:00 Intro
0:30 Prelude
1:30 Early Reconnaissance Planes
3:14 Observation Balloons
4:28 Reconnaissance Planes and Aerial Photography
7:29 Ansaldo SVA V
8:07 Zeppelins
9:05 The Dawn of Aerial Combat
10:23 Early Fighter Aeroplanes
12:40 Early Pusher Fighters
14:14 Early Tractor Fighters
16:28 Early Fighter Units and Aerial Tactics
17:17 Wing-Mounted Machine Guns
17:48 The First Flying Aces
19:04 Air Superiority at Verdun
19:28 1916 Air Superiority
20:39 Stability and Maneuvrability
21:30 The Luftstreitkräfte
23:16 The Red Baron and the Flying Circus
24:20 Early Jasta Aircraft and Tactics
25:17 Bloody April
27:21 Mid 1917 Entente Aircraft
27:57 Sopwith Camel
28:48 Mid 1917 German Aircraft
29:00 Fokker Dr.I
30:17 The German Spring Offensive of 1918
31:49 The American Air Force and the Late War
32:40 Bombers
34:29 Closing Words
34:59 Outro

Special Thanks to 1c Game Studios for providing me with a key for Flying Circus Volume I. Get the Game here:

Usually I would cite my footage sources, yet for this video they are too numerous with 28 Sources.

Music used:

Beethoven – Symphony No.7 in A major op.92 – II:

Rich Douglas – Day of Infamy Soundtrack:

Sabaton – The Attack of the Dead Men (Soundtrack Version):

Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture:

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