The new WARPLANES VR is the best looking Quest 2 flying game BY FAR! // Quest 2 Gameplay

Warplanes Battles Over Pacific is a brand new Quest 2 flying game with an emphasis and focus on VR dogfights & aerial combat in a WW2 setting, it’s also the follow up to my absolute favourite Quest 2 combat flying game Warplanes WW1 Fighters. This follow up to WW1 Fighters continues to apply laser focus to combat mechanics & dogfighting scenarios, players looking for a more relaxing or conventional VR flight simulator / Quest 2 flight sim might find something like Ultrawings 2 more appropriate but if it’s cinematic, gorgeous & thrilling VR dogfights & action you’re after then Warplanes VR is the franchise to stick with. With fully customisable & upgradable vehicles, new planes to purchase, a single player campaign & mutliplayer modes Warplanes Battle Over Pacific is a fantastic addition to the Quest 2 library & one of the best Quest 2 games I’ve played so far in terms of visuals.

Grab the Warplanes Battles Over Pacific Quest 2 version here from Quest App Lab:

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This Waplanes Battle of Pacific gameplay was all captured on Quest 2 and is a true reflection of native Quest 2 gameplay for this game. It’s easily one of the best looking Quest 2 games out there & a great addition to the library. Looking back at the first few months of 2022 we’re off to a strong start for VR users, the new Quest 2 games have been flowing and the new VR games & news in general has been much more exciting than it was during this time last year. Fingers crossed for a few more high profile announcements and some concrete end of year release dates to drive 2022 home in a big way…not to mention we might still HOPEFULLY be seeing the PSVR2 this year…

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