Top 8 Incredible Jet Maneuvers ever | Explained

Video Information: If you’ve ever watched an air show you can see pilots performing aerobatic performance. They showcase their technical skill and stamina with amazing feats every year in the skies. There are various categories of aerobatic maneuvers you’ll see at such shows. These include horizontal and vertical lines, loops, rolls, spins, stall turns and many more. Aerial performers combine these moves in complex, choreographed sequences. Of course supermaneuverable aircraft can do a lot of these stunts. Thrust-vectoring and Thrust-to-weight ratio plays an important role for these incredible maneuvers. This video presents the 8 incredible types of maneuvers.
They are:
Kulbit maneuver
Cobra maneuvers or Pugachev Cobra
Herbst manoeuvre
Falling leaf maneuver
Kvochur bell maneuver
Flat spin maneuver
Cuban 8 maneuver
Tailslide maneuver
Credits: angels8phar griri Wager meadors Airplanes T Joe Devine Aviation Iceland
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