* USAAF “Fighter Kills Over Europe” Gun Camera Films, 1944 (15:00- Restored)

“Fighter Kills” is a series of gun camera film compilations of fighter attacks produced by Army Air Force Combat Camera Units (AAFCCUs) and distributed only to serving personnel as news, instruction and motivation. Highlights include taking down an Me 163 “Komet” Rocket Plane and numerous shots of attacks on Me 262 “Schwalbe” jet fighters, accompanied by a description of their known capabilities and tactics to use against them.
You’ll also see numerous shoot downs of Me 109s, 110s & 210s, Fw 190s, Ju 88s, seaplanes, an FW 200 transport and more.
Air to ground attacks include “locomotive busting,” strafing rail yards, bridges, airfields with parked planes, truck convoys, tanks and more.
An added bonus is a series of dramatic A-36 “Apache” (dive bomber version of the P-51) air to ground attacks in central and northern Italy.

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