VFX & CGI Live Action Short War Film ** VOILE NOIR ** NAZI Dogfight Adventure Movie by ArtFx Team

Enjoy VIOLE NOIR, an incredible world war VFX Live action CgI Mixed short film by ArtFX Team. Featured at http://madartistpublishing.com/blog/vfx-live-action-film-voile-noir-artfx

FILM SYNOPSIS: Allan and Yvan, two pilots go on a plane mission to try to end the chaotic current polity…

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VIOLE VOIR (2011) War, Action
Produced at ArtFX http://www.artfx.fr/en/
Artfx Youtube at https://bit.ly/2S3rTLi

FILM CREDITS: A film by Michaël Balthazart (Modeling & Texturing & Lighting & Compositing), Clément Granjon De Lepiney (Modeling & Texturing), Quentin Sauvinet (FX & Animation), Raphaël Gaudin (Shading & Modeling & Compositing).
Starring: Oliver Dobremel, Quentin Sauvinet, Ignacio Perez-Caballero, Pierre Lergenmuller. Freelance Students: Arnaud Boudon, Lucas Girault, Jeremy Flandrin, Simon Alexis, Akriti Bacha. Music / Sound FX / Final Mix by Stephane Dudzinski at http://www.sd-music-creations.com. Narration Voice by Maurice Tate.

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